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Fitness meet Rehab: How fitness imapacts Neuro patients!

Check out how Shawnee’s Adaptive Boxing Program utilized at Baylor Scott and White Rehabilitation Institute!

About Shawnee Harkins


Shawnee Harkins’ passion for physical fitness, was honed as a firefighter and emergency medical technician leading her to become a Celebrity Trainer and Consultant, Fitness Expert, Neuro Performance Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, and a recognized Health and Fitness Television/Media Personality. A tragic accident left Shawnee with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), quadriplegia, and on life support. After recovering she subsequently experienced two other TBI’s and additional paralysis. During her extended recovery, she did extensive research, pursued Neuroscience Peak Performance certifications and has become a spokeswoman for people suffering from TBI and the only Celebrity Trainer with this specific expertise stemming from her own injuries and recovery.

Shawnee first received national attention on "The Hydra Executives", which aired from 2008-2009 on Showtime International and Infinity TV. Subsequently she was featured on "The Dr. Phil Show" where she traveled the country as one of Dr. Phil's celebrity trainers. On "The Ultimate Weight Loss Race" which aired on CBS in 2008 and 2009. Shawnee  joined forces with Jillian Michaels to launch Michaels’ newest fitness program, “BODYSHRED.” In addition, Harkins has worked on two feature films and is the creator and producer of several web series centered on health and fitness. She recently joined Athlete Ally as Pro Ambassador.

In 2011 Shawnee partnered with Shake Weight as their brand ambassador and created, developed and launched the NEW Shake Weight Class Fitness Program in Southern California. Exercise TV partnered with Shawnee to create and star in her own instructional workout videos. 

Shawnee worked with the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and designed sports and neuro performance programs for professional boxers, NFL, NHL, and MLS athletes and trained and rehabilitated various athletes with her programs. As a multiple TBI survivor, she’s combined her experience with research and certifications in Neuro performance, to create and design TBI and non-TBI training programs using the FITLIGHT Trainer™.

Harkins’ Neuro State of Mind™ program utilized by her private clientele, patients at hospitals and non-profit organizations is dedicated to improving quality of life post-TBI/stroke, improving independence after injury, building a healthy self-image, and helping TBI and stroke individuals get back into shape. Harkins’ continues to give hope and produce results for the TBI and stroke community turning their biggest breakdowns into their biggest breakthroughs. 

Contact Shawnee’s manager and agent for media appearances, television, speaking engagements, interviews, partnerships, and endorsements.

Gersh Agency

Agent: Laura McDonald

Email: lmcdonald@gershla.com

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Manager: Jeff Field 

Direct: 310.271.8440

Email: jeff@fieldentertainment.net

Shawnee Harkins trains private clientele at Exceed Physical Culture in Manhattan, New York.

Shawnee Harkins trains private clientele at Exceed Physical Culture in Manhattan, New York.

Neuro State of Mind's Olympic Status Rowing Event

Check out our next event featuring Olympian and World Championship medalist, Meghan O'Leary hosted by Celebrity Trainer, TV Fitness Expert, and Neuro Performance Coach, Shawnee Harkins. Meet CEO for USRowing, Patrick McNeary, Director of Para-Rowing, Thomas Darling, and Paralympians, Ronald Harvey and Laura Goodkind. And learn the latest in Neuro Performance as it applies to brain health recovery.

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Our instructors take your health and fitness goals seriously. We understand the road to rehabilitation and recovery after sustaining a brain trauma. The Neuro State of Mind™ Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Fitness Program was developed by multiple traumatic brain injury survivor, Celebrity Trainer, TV Fitness Expert, and Neuro Performance Coach, Shawnee Harkins

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With years of success and personal experience, we design health and fitness programs tailored to each individual's short and long-term goals. Fitness plays a fundamental role in overall health, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Results in your improvement of cognitive function and motor skills are priority to our staff. We provide services, programs, and private training in hospitals, non-profit organizations, and gyms.

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We understand the cognitive, physical, and emotional challenges you may face after sustaining a brain injury and stroke. We are dedicated to improving your quality of life. It is our goal to help you regain independence, build your confidence, and get back into shape.

Breakthrough moments

Brain Injury Network of Dallas

"The Neuro State of Mind™ program is doing wonders for me. I'm doing things I normally don't do. Punching today much better than anytime before. I enjoy improving on my FITLIGHT Trainer™ scores." - stroke member 

Private Client

"I feel so much more energized, lighter, taller, and relaxed. Today I was able to connect so many movements and extend more of my left arm. I love the physical and mental challenges in this program. I definitely feel like my bra fitness in and body got a workout!" - stroke client


"This was great, really made recovery fun and motivating. Doing something different was exciting. Wonderful individual training and my instructor was excellent. I've always wanted to try boxing. It helps that Shawnee can relate." - traumatic brain injury patient

Private Client

"Neuro State of Mind™ and Shawnee has really helped me. She understands what I go through on a daily basis. Her program and individual care has greatly improved my TBI-related depression." - traumatic brain injury client

Brain Injury Network of Dallas

"I had fun today and I think you all should try Neuro State of Mind™. It's so much fun! I started feeling a little down here today, but now I feel pumped up! I learned some things with the FITLIGHT Trainer™ and I think everyone should try it." - traumatic brain injury member

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Our Partners


Olympic Status Rowing Workout

Train with Olympian, Meghan O’Leary


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As Olympian and World Championship medalist, Meghan O’Leary trains for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, our power player for TEAM USA breaks away to train you at Row House, the same weekend of the 2019 National Indoor Rowing Competition. 

Neuro State of Mind is proud to collaborate with Row House to present an unforgettable and historic rowing experience for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts!